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Juan Williams And Jesse Watters Debate Trump 'backpedalling' News

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Juan Williams and Jesse Watters debate Trump 'backpedalling'
Fox News' Jesse Watters and Juan Williams picked up where they left off on Friday, once again debating the president's comments that he would be willing to listen to a foreign government if it had ...

Published: Jun 14, 2019 @ 02:08:00 PM
Source: Fox News

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Juan Williams and Jesse Watters Break Out the Flamethrowers in Scorching Debate Over Charlottesville
Things got heated fast on Fox News’s “The Five” on Tuesday between co-hosts Juan Williams and Jesse Watters. After Dana Perino talked about Charlottesville, Virginia, and how it’s still a top story ...

Published: Aug 16, 2017 @ 01:12:00 AM

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Fox News host Jesse Watters: Trump wants "the best" immigrants – not "some guy's uncle from Zimbabwe
Fox News host Jesse Watters claims that President Donald ... immigration policies – or face a possible shutdown. Watters' comments followed co-host Juan Williams' allegation that Trump desires to ...

Published: Jul 31, 2018 @ 10:48:00 AM
Source: Salon

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‘Let’s keep your sex life out of this’: Juan and Jesse combust, Williams ends up in gutter
Wait. Full stop here. In the middle of a heated debate, Juan Williams joked that Jesse Watters was part of the fake Trump sex romps in Russia! There’s an intelligent argument for you. “I am saying ...

Published: Jun 15, 2019 @ 12:36:00 AM
Source: BizPac Review

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Fox News host tells co-host: 'You sound like you're high right now'
Fox News host Jesse Watters took aim at his co-host Juan ... mocking Williams on-air and joking that his fellow co-host sounded as if he was on drugs. ADVERTISEMENT During a contentious debate between ...

Published: Dec 11, 2018 @ 10:11:00 AM
Source: The Hill

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Fox News’ Ed Henry Questions the Wisdom of Trump Criticizing His Own AG Jeff Sessions
“But when you talk about the legal advice from Trump’s legal time, part of their frustration has been that rather than letting this settle down, the President has been riling it up.” “That is true,” ...

Published: Jul 19, 2017 @ 03:43:00 PM
Source: Mediaite

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Trump superfan Eric Bolling gets a new show on Fox News. That’s a win for the White House.
“The Five” — a rotating panel to comprise Juan Williams, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters ... when Trump was so infuriated by the network's critical coverage that he briefly boycotted all ...

Published: Apr 20, 2017 @ 06:15:00 AM
Source: The Washington Post

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After Trump's Charlottesville remarks, Fox News focuses on the left and the media
"Of course white supremacists are despicable human beings who shouldn't exist in America," Jesse Watters said ... While Five co-hosts Dana Perino and Juan Williams did criticize Trump's remarks at ...

Published: Aug 16, 2017 @ 01:36:00 AM
Source: CNN

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‘Let me talk or you won’t have a show’: Fox News panel explodes in screaming match over Trump’s immigration blunders
A debate about Trump’s handling of immigration on Fox News’ The Five went off the rails on Thursday night as Juan Williams, Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Watters engaged in a screaming match. “Contrary to ...

Published: Jun 21, 2018 @ 07:20:00 AM
Source: The Raw Story

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'If you say that again, I'm gonna throw you off the set': Things got unhinged during a Fox News segment on Michael Cohen
Two hosts from Fox News’ “The Five” erupted in a feisty debate Wednesday night over Michael Cohen’s bombshell public testimony. The cohosts Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams butted ... The commentator ...

Published: Feb 28, 2019 @ 01:20:00 AM
Source: Business Insider Australia

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Putin: Jews might be responsible for election meddling … Search for Hope Hicks replacement turns into West Wing food fight BREAKING BREAD AT 1600 -- “Trump Dined with Fox News’ Seb Gorka and Jesse Watters at the White House This ... Panel: Jason Riley, Catherine Lucey, Charlie Hurt and Juan Williams ...

Published: Mar 10, 2018 @ 02:17:00 AM
Source: Politico

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Sarah Sanders mocked for saying God wanted Donald Trump to become president
I'm Dana Perino, along with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse ... President Trump tweeted today, the Democratic Party is becoming a party of open borders, high taxes, abortion on demand, and I can't ...

Published: Jan 30, 2019 @ 11:00:00 AM
Source: Fox News

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