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Facebook Down News

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Is Facebook Down? Photos & Albums Not Loading for Several Users
Facebook appears to be down for thousands of people who aren’t able to view their own photos, upload photos, or add albums to their personal accounts, groups, or pages. According to Down Detector, ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 03:37:00 AM

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Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram Down? World's Biggest Social Networks Suffer Outages and Stop Loading Images
Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram suffered major outages today, with reports indicating that images and videos were not loading, which impacted users in the U.S. and Europe. DownDetector, a platform ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 04:18:00 AM
Source: Newsweek

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Facebook down again?
Imagine this: All of your favourite social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Twitter have stopped working for an unspecified time period. Are you anxious, nervous or still ...

Published: Jul 07, 2019 @ 09:45:00 PM
Source: The Tribune

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Facebook Down: Users Reporting Posting Problems On Facebook, Instagram
MENLO PARK (CBS13) – Facebook and Instagram users around the world are reporting problems with the social media sites Wednesday morning. User have started reporting problems with the social media site ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 05:38:00 AM
Source: CBS Sacramento

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'Is Facebook down?' Facebook users reporting issues
(WDBJ7) --While updates are still funneling through on user's newsfeeds on Facebook, it seems as though pictures are not loading on Facebook. According to Down Detector, Facebook was initially ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 05:08:00 AM
Source: WDBJ

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Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp users report outages worldwide shows Instagram is down mostly in the northeast United States and Western Europe. The site shows similar outages on Facebook, but is more focused on Western Europe. Like Facebook, ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 04:55:00 AM
Source: Alternative Press

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Is Facebook down for you too?
Is Facebook down for you too? Users attempting to log on to Facebook Wednesday afternoon were greeted with the now all-too-common error message Check out this story on ...

Published: May 29, 2019 @ 07:45:00 AM
Source: The Tennessean

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When Facebook Goes Down, Don't Blame Hackers
It happened again. Facebook went down in pockets around the world for several hours Wednesday, as did Facebook-owned Instagram and WhatsApp. The outage inspired the usual existential jokes—and rush to ...

Published: Mar 13, 2019 @ 12:59:00 PM
Source: Wired

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“Is Facebook down or is it just me?” – Users decry company’s biggest outage that still remains
Facebook was hit one of the monumental outages late night on Wednesday. Users from all over the world began reporting the unavailability of certain features on Facebook, such as posting on a page, ...

Published: Mar 14, 2019 @ 01:57:00 AM
Source: The Financial Express

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Facebook and Instagram Are Down for Some Users
Facebook and Instagram are partially down across the country for some users. While the apps for both are able to open, in many cases they’re missing a good bit of their functionality. Both platforms ...

Published: Mar 14, 2019 @ 02:38:00 AM
Source: Fortune

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Facebook Down? Outage Reports Hit Social Media
Is Facebook down? This author briefly wasn’t able to access it on the afternoon of May 29, 2019, and judging from comments on Twitter, that was true for a lot of other people too. (My Facebook page ...

Published: May 29, 2019 @ 07:49:00 AM

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Facebook Down: Users reporting posting problems on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp
Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp users around the world are reporting problems with the social media sites Wednesday morning. User have started reporting problems with the social media site a little ...

Published: Jul 03, 2019 @ 06:49:00 AM
Source: WINK News

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